• Who is My Neighbor?

    Who is My Neighbor?

    — Michael Moore — My wife Denise and I were in New Orleans for my birthday last year. We enjoy visiting the city any chance we get. The food, the music, the culture, the humanity… all of it is incredible and speaks to our souls. This visit was different though. We were walking down Pirate’s […]

  • My top Ten Earth Day in the Neighborhood Ideas

    My top Ten Earth Day in the Neighborhood Ideas

    – Andy Wade – Earth Day is gaining ground among Christians and, well, it’s about time! The theology surrounding our need to care for God’s good creation is as deep as our topsoil used to be, and as rich as the fertile earth that gave birth to the Garden of Eden. There are a lot […]

  • What If: a garden meditation – reprise

    What If: a garden meditation – reprise

    — Andy Wade — The Inhabit Conference begins Friday so I thought a spring reprise of my little neighborhood project was in order. What does it mean to practice presence in your neighborhood? How do you cultivate place, community, right where you live? Every neighborhood is different so the answers to those questions will be […]

  • Fashion and Ethics: Why Should I Care and What Can I Do?

    Fashion and Ethics: Why Should I Care and What Can I Do?

    — Katie Metzger — Look at the clothes you are wearing right now….Would you believe that 80-90% of what you are wearing was made in inhumane, unsustainable conditions? Well, the sad fact is, this is most often the case. Sweatshops are not a thing of the past. Buying well-made, high end clothing does not mean […]

  • Reconciled to Place: Church Planting as a Form of Holy Listening

    Reconciled to Place: Church Planting as a Form of Holy Listening

    — Rebecca Sumner — I think that being reconciled to your place is being reconciled to God. I believe this because here’s the mind altering reality: God lives in your place. Estranged From Place Like many good movements in God’s reconciling Kingdom, this piece begins with confession. I am a prodigal to my hometown. The […]

  • What’s Sprouting at MSA

    What’s Sprouting at MSA

    School’s in Session! If you long for a vibrant prayer life and intimacy with Jesus you have come to the right place. The complete e-course, Reimagining How We Pray with Christine Sine – all six sessions – is now available through the Mustard Seed online school. This course will reward you, not with theories on […]


A New Way to Grow!

MSA is excited to offer an online learning opportunity through our new school!

Interact with Christine Sine and reimagine how we pray, learn how to simplify your life with Mark Scandrette, and explore questions of God, Jesus and religion with Brian McLaren, Mark Scandrette, Lilian Daniel and others.

Join our learning community and enrich your faith as we journey together toward the in-breaking of God’s kingdom.

You may take as many or as few classes as you like and may take them at your own pace.

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Prayer Cards

Prayer Cards

This beautiful set of ten prayer cards draw from the most popular of our daily Facebook prayers. Their background photos invite us into contemplative moments that can enrich our days and deepen our faith.

Each card is printed on heavy, recycled matt stock and they can be used as postcards too!

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Celtic Spirituality Did you ever wonder what Celtic Christian Spirituality is all about? In this brief introduction, Christine Sine gives personal reflections, prayers, litanies, and a bit of historical background.

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