Going to School – – India Style

— by Ricci Kilmer —

If you want a film that will inspire you to view education from a magical place watch “Going to School in India”, produced by Master Communications 2007.

This documentary is a series of nine mini-movies taken all over India in a variety of settings. The filming is absolutely beautiful and worth watching for its own sake. The children get the chance to tell their own stories and their themes are those of magic, hope, and blessing.

“When I say my prayers, I close my eyes and bless my school.” from ‘Going to School in a Mud Dessert.’ For many, especially the girls, it gives them a wider view of the world. “It is very hard to say what you think when nobody has asked you before.” “from ‘Going to School in the Dark.’”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GMU6KpT-W0

I could give you a couple of thought provoking questions to think about while you watch this movie, but that would ruin it. So just watch it and enjoy the beauty.

I picked the DVD up at my local library, but the mini-movies are also available on “YouTube.”:http://www.youtube.com/user/MasterCommunications#p/u I’ve since learned that the book project came first and the “website for that is here”:http://www.goingtoschool.com/projects_gsi.html