New Monasticism as Fresh Expression of Church

Out now, New Monasticism as Fresh Expression of Church, released by Canterbury Press in Britain. Most of the chapters are written by British authors but there are two Americans, Shane Claiborne and Tom Sine. The book explores new expressions of monasticism and community. It is edited by Graham Cray, Ian Mobsby and Aaron Kennedy. The authors take you on a tour of everything from the Northunmbria Community to The Order of Mission in the UK. Shane describes the marks of the new monasticism movement.

Tom’s chapter is entitled “Creating Communities of Sustainability, Celebration and Subversion.” In this chapter He explains that community is just for the young, experimental and the granola crowd. As we race into a volatile new future we will all need much more community than ever before. But we will also need to create a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle that celebrates very different notion of the good life and better future than the one trumpeted by American Idol and the global mall. Tom encourages us to create a range of new expressions of community from shared housing to co-housing that move to a very different rhythm of life and discovers new ways to make a little difference in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors locally and globally.

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