Gifted Dreamers

Gifted Dreamers— by Cindy Todd —

Kristine Socall, Executive Director of Gifted Dreamers is a new kind of social entrepreneur. The defining mission of her organization is that they are ” a nonprofit network empowering people, communities, and organizations through transformational relationships, events, and advocacy.” What exactly does that mean? The answer lies in the stories of individual lives, not programs designed for the masses.

Revolution MacInnes, an itinerant atheist, philosopher and photography artist, is using his experience as a homeless man to advocate on behalf of other homeless people via social media in order to share small, meaningful ways that people around the world can impact the lives of these men and women living on the streets of Chicagoland: a Starbucks gift card to gain entry to a warm space of respite, a pair of eyeglasses to aid in filling out job applications, a pair of shoes or clean sox. Gifted Dreamers accepts donations and empowers the voice of a homeless man to become an advocate and a giver. Small, meaningful, important.

Gifted Dreamers is also partnering with individuals with creative products or skills, entrepreneurs and other small businesses to assist in bringing their products and services to market, acting as a business incubator, coach and consultant on marketing and package design and branding. They plan in-home and corporate events representing those products, and proceeds from every sale might benefit a single mom needing car repairs or a low-income family in need of groceries. Stories are shared and communities are strengthened. The products are high end, elegant, and the relationships formed at these events have the power to transform lives long after they are over.

The power in this social, entrepreneurial model is that it is relational, not merely transactional. Kristine is a great example of what one mustard seed can do, “doing well by doing good”

  1. What experiences do you have with social entrepreneurship?
  2. Are there similar ministries you or your church are involved in?