Architect, David Vandervort

by Andy Wade –

Environmentally conscious, imaginative, culturally sensitive, community oriented. These are all words that describe Architect, and MSA Board member David Vandervort’s work. David is the architect for Mustard Seed Village,our new community and environmental center for creative imagination and pursuing the Kingdom purposes of God.

ZHome Townhomes - Issaquah, WA

Z-home community in Issaquah, WA

Winner of a 2010 Ecohome Merit Award (PDF), David brings his deep faith and imagination into the creation of visually stunning yet environmentally friendly homes and communities. His firm just completed a project in Issaquah, Washington, called Zhome, a Net zero Energy/zero Carbon townhouse community. This new community of ten units makes efficient use of sun, water, and community space designed to meet an annualized zero-energy benchmark. This is made possible through the creative design of slightly smaller energy efficient units combined with the use of available on-site energy (solar, geothermal, and efficiently designed air-flow).

But David’s vision goes beyond isolated family living. With extensive shared gardens and outdoor spaces and confining autos to the perimeter of the project, David has focused the residents toward a vibrant common shared community space. These design aspects are crucial to how we envision Mustard Seed Village. David is working carefully with us out on the land to make sure we effectively utilize available energy sources while being architecturally sensitive to our surrounding environment, bringing Celtic vision and the Pacific Northwest style. It is exciting to work with such a gifted architect, both on our board and in this critical stage of design.

David Vandervort Architects: The focus of our work is on smaller scale buildings, both residential and commercial, remodel and new, with a specialty in custom home design and townhome projects.  We also design for condo unit build-out and remodel.  Additionally, David Vandervort Architects has an extensive background in churches, restaurants, and mixed-use buildings.  We offer comprehensive services in planning, design and project management, as well as site and master planning, zoning and feasibility analysis. In our practice we seek to be environmentally conscious; making choices that care for the earth’s resources.  Our ‘green’ resources, including LEED Accredited Professionals, allow us to facilitate discussions with client, contractor and design teams in furthering sustainable awareness and education.  In this process of creating architecture, we are dedicated to making relationships as well as lasting architectural solutions.

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