Sustaining Life or Buying into Consumerism

Sustaining life or buying into consumerism – this it is the question that I am grappling with at the moment and I would appreciate your help in setting boundaries.

Available MSA VideosAs I am sure all of you are aware this is the season when all not for profits like Mustard Seed Associates are asking for funds to help support our ministry into the coming year. The coming year will be a monumental one for us as we relaunch our e-zine and begin the semester away program at the Mustard Seed Village. We will also host a series of events designed to stimulate our imaginations and stir our creativity to respond to the growing challenges we face.

The MSA team is passionate about the need to provide resources that prepare us to live as more effective followers of Christ in our turbulent and broken world and we know that we cannot do it alone.

However we are also aware that in our changing economic times charitable donations are not what will keep us moving into the future. And the question we, like so many, are grappling with is: How do we make our organization self sustaining without letting go of our core values of simplicity, sustainability, hospitality and spirituality?

We affirm what most advisors tell us, that we will need to become more entrepreneurial in the future, designing, marketing and selling products that help provide income while furthering the reach of our ministry’s goals. Even the IRS here in the US has recognized this and provided avenues for Not for Profits to sell products related to their ministry.

The question I struggle with however is: When does the selling of products push us over the line away from our Christ centred values and into the crass consumerism of our secular culture?

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