From Devastation to Dirtbags

— by Andy Wade —

Tom Sine does a ton of research before he launches an MSA seminar. One of the preparations he enjoys most is discovering the imaginative and innovative edge, inside and outside the church. While preparing for his most recent conference with the Mennonites at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, Tom uncovered New Leaf Initiative, an organization recently formed by friends attending Georgetown University. What these imaginative friends cooked up is a “platform designed to provide individuals and organizations with immersive experiences to enhance their understanding and application of sustainability.”

What does that mean? It means fostering and encouraging ideas, a kind of “sustainability think tank”, and then implementing those imaginative ideas in real-world situations. In this video the folks at New Leaf Initiative talk about their earthbag building project in Haiti and their dream of expanding this as a viable emergency housing and sanitation alternative in areas hit by disaster. You might recall from an earlier post that earthbag buildings are also one of the areas The Wildcat Center is researching.