PRC and PDF ebook – Waiting for the Light

Waiting for the Light: an Advent Devotional

Our pre-order sale of Waiting for the Light is over but you can still order the printed version from our resources page. Better yet, check out our new PRC (Kindle compatible) and PDF versions available for download for just $10!  We’ve also updated our video resources page with downloadable versions of Christine’s Advent meditation videos as well as a DVD compilation of her Advent videos over the past five years.

Christians of all traditions are discovering the value of taking time in the days that lead up to Christmas to break away from the consumer frenzy of our culture and prepare their hearts and minds for the coming of Christ. This resource responds to this desire. It is more than a devotional, it is a complete guide to the Advent and Christmas season, providing liturgies, weekly activities and daily reflections to equip and nourish us all through the season.

Over the last few years we have hosted a blog series on Godspace during the Advent and Christmas season. Each year a rich feast of reflections are contributed by bloggers across the globe who love God and love to share their faith with others. The reflections in Waiting for the Light are drawn from these diverse and inspiring blog posts. They are designed to be used throughout Advent and Christmas as both a preparation for and a celebration of the birth of Christ. Each week of Advent focuses on a different theme:

  • week 1: preparing
  • week 2: seeking or expecting
  • week 3: waiting
  • week 4: becoming
  • The theme for the twelve days of Christmas is incarnation

Each week begins with a prayer or liturgy that incorporates the week’s theme. in other activities that may help you and your family focus more meaningfully on the these seasons of the liturgical year.

“Tom and Christine Sine and the good people of Mustard Seed Associates have given me many gifts over the years. Through books, lectures, workshops, articles, and some delicious meals around their table, they have been mentors to me in a variety of ways. Now they have produced one of their most beautiful and needed resources ever, an advent guide called Waiting for the Light. I encourage you to join me in using it this year so that our holidays can truly be holy days.”

Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker/activist (

Christine Sine has created a resource which is more than just a devotional. “Waiting for the Light” provides a comprehensive guide to the Advent and Christmas seasons: seasons which aregreatly misunderstood in our church, and even more sadly practiced. This rich array of daily reflections, liturgies and weekly activities focus us not only on the coming of Christ but also on the coming of God’s new kingdom of abundance and wholeness. I heartily recommend this book to all who want to take their faith more seriously during these seasons of expectation and joy.

The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel
Bishop of Olympia