mustard seed conspiracy… a small beginning

Dr. Tom Sine
by tom sine —

What does the God of all compassion seem to be giving birth to as we journey into the season of Advent 2011? What is being birthed as our world seems to be shaking with such volatility and a future filled with such uncertainty? A clue… the answer in part is, of course, an infant being born in a cow stall in an undistinguished village in the Roman Empire two millennium ago.

But is it possible it might be something more? Is it possible that God who took on flesh might be giving birth to something that may offer a hope filled response to these turbulent times? What do you think? We will explore this urgent question each week of Advent…and invite you to join this conversation.

Starting with this small beginning is my attempt to join so many others who are carrying on timely conversations in the blogosphere. I am so impressed with how Christine has used her blog, Godspace, to give voice to many followers of Jesus from many different lands.

I decided to launch a modest weekly post mustardseedconspiracy on our MSA site at the suggestion of my friend Andy Wade. He suggested that since my first book, The Mustard Conspiracy was published 30 years ago in 1981 this might be a good time to try something new and more concise.

I already have friends betting on Facebook that “concise” is beyond my reach. If my dad were still alive he would bet with my friends. He used to delight in reminding me that “I was verbose, loquacious and wordy…in that order! “

The premise of the book, and this blog, is very simple. “For some reason, God seems to take delight in conspiring through the small the insignificant the ordinary to renew the church and transform the world.” God is still in the business of using “the foolish things to confound the mighty.” That sure gives me encouragement. How about you?

Has it ever occurred to you as we begin Advent 2011 that God might want to use your mustard seed in ways you never imagined to make a little difference in our troubled world?