mustard seed conspiracy… is this really the end?

Dr. Tom Sineby tom sine —

As we race into the second week of Advent 2011 we are asking “What does God seem to be giving birth to?”

Before we answer this question it is essential we recognize that we are not only racing into Advent 2011 but a world changing at blinding speed. Never in my lifetime have I seen our world rocked by such volatility and uncertainty from the turbulence in the Middle East to the economic crisis in Europe.

Is this really the end?” Asks the Economist Magazine in their November 26th issue. “The odds of a safe landing are dwindling fast…” the Economist warns. If leadership in Europe doesn’t act swiftly not only are all the countries of Europe and the Euro at risk but really all the economies of the world. Of course those that will suffer the most will be our poorest neighbors but also many of us in the middle class in North America and throughout our the planet. We all need to pray that the leaders will act decisively to avoid a second global recession.

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus we need to ask “What is God giving birth to in these turbulent times?” Some of the end times buffs use these uncertain times to fan the flames of fear. During the “Y 2K” fear mongering numbers of Christians joined survivalists and headed to remote cabins with their dehydrated food and guns…leaving their vulnerable neighbors behind. Of course many believe God is creating an escape hatch to enable God’s faithful to not only to escape to remote cabins but to the clouds leaving everyone else behind when the tough times come.

  • Is it possible that God hasn’t lost control of this world?
  • Is it possible that God is not planning to abandon this world but to transform it through the risen Christ?
  • Is it possible God intends to finally bring healing to the broken, justice to the poor, peace to the nations and restore not destroy God’s good creation at the return of Christ?

Is it possible God might want to use our mustard seeds in ways we never imagined to bring a little hope to our neighbors in these troubled times regardless of whether we muddle through or plunge into another global recession worse than the one we are clawing our way out of?