We’re Not Very Sexy But…

Mustard Seeds
Dear Mustard Seed Family,
Over the last few weeks I have received dozens of fundraising letters and emails from great causes and I wonder why would anyone want to support MSA? Our cause just doesn’t seem “sexy” enough. We don’t feed starving children, we don’t free sex slaves, we don’t even do evangelism.

We do however provide a community and quality resources for people who do all of those things and more. We inspire people to bring glimpses of God’s kingdom into being.

Momentum is Accelerating

When Wolt attended the New Conspirators conference in 2008 it initiated connections that resulted in him working with Living Water International for 3 years. For Forrest it was the Spirituality of Gardening seminar that turned his world upside down and for David in Argentina it is MSA’s liturgical resources that have helped him persevere over the years. Since Tom wrote The Mustard Seed Conspiracy 30 years ago, hundreds if not thousands of individuals, churches and organizations have been inspired to take their faith more seriously and step out in ways that will make a difference in God’s world.

The MSA team is passionate about building community for those who want to change the world in ways that model God’s shalom kingdom. We want to continue to provide resources and host events that enable us to live more effectively as followers of Christ in these volatile times. I’m pleased and grateful to report that our momentum is accelerating, the MSA team is growing and God is providing in remarkable ways.

We have just heard that our semester away program will be accredited by Northwest University in Kirkland WA. As Shane Claiborne commented: This is like a boot camp for the Jesus revolution. It is just one way MSA will, in the coming year, provide opportunity to unleash the potential of Christ followers to be world changers.

Next year will be a critical one for MSA and we cannot do it alone

  • In January, we will launch a new monthly e-zine called Imagine That, an important tool inspiring innovation and creating new models that more effectively respond to the challenges of our turbulent world.
  • In February/March we will create a curriculum that provides a pathway for both individuals and churches to reinvent their lives and purpose around the vision of God for the future.
  • In September, in partnership with Creation Care Study Program, we will launch the Pacific Northwest Sustainability Semester Away Program.

This is an exciting time of growth and new beginnings for Mustard Seed Associates. To launch our ezine, develop curriculum and launch our semester away program we need an additional $20,000 in the next six months. Please consider joining our support team in 2012 to help make this a reality.

Would you consider:

A monthly gift of $10, $20, $50 or $100 for the next 12 months
to help us develop curriculum and launch the semester away program?

Monthly Partnership
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An end of year gift of $100, $250, $500 or $1,000
to help us launch our e-zine Imagine That?

May God bless you in these last weeks of Advent and over the Christmas season

Christine Sine
Executive Director