Mustard Seed Conspiracy…What is God giving birth to?

Dr. Tom Sineby tom sine —

In 1991 in Wild Hope I first answered that question.  My response was… “that the dance on the Berlin Wall was the dance of God, the songs sung in the streets of Soweto at the release of Nelson Mandela from prison are the songs of God and the prayers for the peace of Jerusalem are the prayers of God.”

Our world has changed dramatically over the past 20 years.   As we race into 2012 there is growing concern that the mounting troubles in the European economy could lead to another global meltdown.  The political volatility in North Korea, Russia and throughout the Middle East could also unsettle our small planet.

Even as God brought a peaceful transition of power in South Africa through the Truth and Reconciliation Committee  20 years ago we see God at work today through a non-violent revolution in a number of Arab countries as well.

Srdja Popvic helped overthrow a dictator in Serbia in 2000.  He now heads a center for non-violent education called Canvas.  He and his team were active even before the Arab uprisings in training people in Middle Eastern countries to become non-violent activists.   They are using the power of non-violence to help prepare the courageous to overthrow dictators.  To date the best outcome has been the creation of a new democratic government in Tunisia where 86% of the nation turned out for the first election.

ZOE is a group of followers of Jesus that have relocated to downtown Tacoma Washington and have started small businesses that are another example of what God is giving birth to in these challenging times.  They are very much aware of the impact of the last global recession on their neighbors.  They are a part of a movement on the West Coast called the Parish Collective  made up of small missional communities and congregations that are creating ways to reach out to their neighbors and empower their local communities.

Recently ZOE put on a block party in downtown Tacoma where 1,500 neighbors and about 100 small businesses shared food, art and music together.  It was a first time neighbors from low income housing and high end condos had the opportunity to get to know one another.  They are following up the block party through Local Life  “making the world a better place one neighborhood at a time.”

What is God giving birth to?  God is giving birth to a world made new one life, one neighborhood and one struggling culture at a time.  As we celebrate the coming of Christ, are you willing to join those all over the planet who are discovering the creative ways God can use our mustard seeds to make a little difference in these troubled times?

Tacoma Block Party