February MSA Happenings

by Christine Sine —

Lent and Easter are coming. The InHabit conference is coming. And here in the Northern hemisphere spring is coming and with it garden season is beginning. This is an exciting time of the year with new things stirring and new opportunities to participate with us at MSA.

Lent and Easter Are Coming

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday February 22nd and culminates in our walk with Jesus towards the cross on Good Friday. There are many ways to join the MSA community during this season.

Yesterday I uploaded this new Lenten reflection video for the year which I hope you will enjoy and share with others. Or you may like to use our free Lenten study guide during the season.

Third I invite you to join me at Godspace for our daily Lenten reflections which will begin on Ash Wednesday. The theme for this year is: Easter is Coming – What Do We Hunger and Thirst For? There is still time to sign up to contribute a guest post or you may like to to the blog and receive email notification of daily posts during the season (look for the pop-up box in the bottom-right side of my blog)

If you are unfamiliar with the season of Lent I suggest you prepare by reading this simple explanation What is Lent Anyway? or this rather more challenging reflection on the meaning of lent, Lent: Educating Us Into Freedom.

I have also updated the resources for Lent post each year but would solicit your help in enriching this list with your suggestions.

InHabit Conference is Coming to Seattle!

Inhabit Conference 2012There are not many conferences that I look forward with great anticipation, but this is one of those rare ones. It will be an opportunity to be stretched, and enriched, a chance to gather with friends and make new ones and above all a chance to see God at work.

As coordinator Paul Sparks says: Something wonderful is rumbling under the surface. A new Parish Awakening is stirring. So I hope that you can join us and other practitioners from all over North America who are moving toward more local and embodied forms of being the church in everyday life. More information and to register here

Garden Season Is Coming

Launching a new garden team
Mustard Seed House Garden CommunityHow much food can you grow in an urban lot? This year we hope to find out. We currently produce about 40% of our vegetables, but with the extra help from our expanding garden team we are digging new beds ready to get going. Our front porch is already bulging with lettuce, Chinese greens, broccoli, cauliflowers and cabbage starts waiting expectantly to go into the garden. Shortly we will start tomatoes, squash, basil and peppers and other warm season crops.

Community so often revolves around both the production and consumption of food as both Tom and I reflected on in recent blog posts Tom’s post is: Did You Ever Consider That God Might Want You To Start a Community in a Parking Lot? and my post is: How Do We Form Community?

If you live in the Seattle area and love gardening consider joining our garden community. We would love to enlist your participation. First you may like us to start your vegetables for you and in the process help support the growing garden ministry of MSA. we start everything from lettuce to tomatoes.

Garden seminar at the Mustard Seed HouseOr join us for garden days at the Mustard Seed House for fun times of garden fellowship and sharing. Or save the date for our Spirituality of Gardening seminar May 5th here at the Mustard Seed House (registration details coming soon!). If you are interested in either of these options please Email Christine

If you are not in the Seattle area consider hosting a Spirituality of Gardening seminar in your area or joining your local community garden network. In preparation for the season you may like to read the reflections in To Garden with God, available both as a book and ebook

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for us as we work together to build community and bring glimpses of God’s wonderful kingdom into being.

God bless you,

Christine Sine
MSA Executive Director