Do you know students who might like to experience and imagine new forms of sustainable community for life after college?

A surprising number of Christian colleges all over North America are creating courses and programs in sustainability education. These colleges include Messiah, Calvin, Goshen, Taylor, Westmont and George Fox plus many others.  We in Mustard Seed Associates not only want to commend them, we want to join them.

In the coming weeks you’ll hear a lot more about our plans to launch the Cascadia Sustainability Semester January 2013 in collaboration with Creation Care Study Program.  We are excited about this collaborative effort. CCSP conducts semester away programs in Belize and New Zealand that focus on the study of environmental science into unique ecological settings. Cascadia will focus on environmental issues in order to enable students:

  1. to experience and imagine more community-based ways of living that are more sustainable environmentally and economically;
  2. to experience and imagine ways join with others in creating more sustainable economic and agricultural networks and local communities to help people better care for one another in these uncertain times.

Students will visit the the Bartimaeus Community in Silverdale Washington. This is the first Christian cohousing community in the Northwest. They will also visit local echo-villages to enable them to imagine and create new community-based ways of living more sustainably environmentally and economically.

Cascadia will be located on Camano Island halfway between Seattle and Vancouver BC.  This is a major corridor for sustainability projects in North America enabling students to work in projects like Sustainable Bellingham as well as organic farms on Camano Island.

Students will also learn about social entrepreneurship and community development working together with tribal groups in the Northwest as well as The Seattle Hub for Social Entrepreneurs.

Camano Island is a mostly rural community, an idyllic region surrounded by the Salish Sea, yet linked to the mainland by a land bridge. It is centered in the Pacific Northwest, a region renown for three important values/characteristics: environmental sensibility, entrepreneurial innovation, and Native cultural influence. The coastline and temperate forests of Camano and its surroundings provide a rich setting for boating as well as hiking in the Cascade Mountains.

Northwest University, here in the Seattle area, has already accredited the Cascadia Sustainability Semester. Twenty five other colleges that have already approved Creation Care Study Programs in Belize and New Zealand are considering approving this third CCSP program option. If you want to be sure that your college doesn’t miss this opportunity please contact us right away and we will ask Chris Elisara, who is the executive director of CCSP, to send a packet to the program coordinator at your college.

God willing we will launch our first Cascadia Sustainability Semester January 2013. If you are interested or you know of students who are interested in learning more contact us right away and we will immediately send you some information unique program in sustainability education and the course offerings for her part of this program.   Write today!