Bundle It!

by andy wade —

Jesus is not AmusedHow does a Christian organization become self-sustaining without “peddling Jesus”? As we anticipate changes headed our way we’re seeking to answer that question. The challenge is how to offer items and resources of real value that directly tie into who we are and what we believe in without slipping down the slope of crass marketing.

The temptation is to start selling anything that might help with the bottom line – and our bottom line has been pretty sparse this year. As you know, we’ve already been providing both free and for sale resources on our website for some time. This spring we’re exploring additional appropriate revenue streams. As mustard seed “Associates” we deeply appreciate both your support and your feedback as we move from primarily donation-based to a more sustainable blend of donations, sales, and grants.

Last week we began by offering those in the Seattle area to help start your garden. Christine’s love for organic gardening, combined with our commitment to healthier lifestyles and encouraging reconnecting with God’s good creation, made selling seed starts a “no-brainer”. This also seemed a perfect way to help raise funds for the Mustard Seed Village project as well as the Cascadia Semester Away college program.

Snohomish Soap Company

Another team member, Cindy Todd, started making soap as a way to earn a bit of income for her newly transplanted family (from Florida to Washington). It has since grown into a fairly successful small business, Snohomish Soap Company. Even better is her discovery that it’s an opportunity for her to blend her passion for international development and social entrepreneurship. It has provided a path to empower women globally in surprisingly simple ways…she’s been invited to teach soap and business development from Kenya to Ukraine.

Gardener’s Soap

Snohomish Soap CompanyIts spring and gardening is at hand…literally. Our team member Cindy, owner of the Snohomish Soap Company, has created a wonderful soap, perfect for refreshing hard working hands. This vegan soap is scented with both tea tree and lavender essential oils and has a bit of corn meal thrown in to give it a bit of extra scrubbiness. Liquid chlorophyll marbling makes it look really cool too! A 4 ounce bar is $6 with a portion of the sale going directly to Mustard Seed Associates.

Beeswax Lotion Bars

Snohomish Soap CompanyChristine loves these, especially the Lemongrass. These beeswax lotion bars were initially created for the nuns of Quiet Light Candles in Stanwood. They’ve taken off! These are perfect for garden or winter weary hands. Beeswax is blended with olive and coconut oils to make a great solid lotion. Scented with Lemongrass essential oil or unscented. A one ounce lotion bar is $6 with a portion of the sale going directly to Mustard Seed Associates.

Bundle it! A Gardener’s Special

Soap, Book, & Lotion!It’s wonderful that spring planting and gardening and Mother’s Day coincide so nicely, isn’t it? We are offering a lovely gift idea for Mother’s Day this year. A copy of Christine’s book, To Garden With God (black and white), a bar of Gardener’s Soap, and a beeswax lotion bar for $25 plus shipping. Order Here