Children’s Prayer Book


Prayers of a Different Sort: a children’s prayerbook

by Ricci Leigh Kilmer

From the introduction:Labrynth

How do you pray?

Do you sit in a particular place?
Do you close your eyes?
Have you ever hiked while you prayed?
Have you danced?

Kids Reading
Prayer can be very still and peaceful. But prayer can also be active using many parts of our body and mind. That’s what this book on prayer is about. We are going to see, touch, feel, and explore four types of prayer. These prayer styles aren’t anything new. They are actually quite old with long histories in the church. So join us as we:

  • Pray with our Eyes – by writing prayers for our own prayer book
  • Pray with our Fingers – by making and using prayer beads
  • Pray with our Imagination – by walking a Labyrinth
  • Pray with our Feet – by hiking Prayer Trails

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