God is granting us favor

by Christine Sine —

“God is granting us favor.” These were the exciting words of our newest Board member JPaul Fridenmaker when I met with him a couple of weeks ago. It is true in so many aspects for Mustard Seed Associates. We are gaining momentum and moving forward into the purposes of God.

Cascadia Sustainability Semester Gaining Favor

Cascadia Sustainability SemesterIt is official! The inaugural Creation Care Studies Program (CCSP) Cascadia semester will begin Spring 2013. It has already been approved by several Christian Universities and colleges and more are on the way. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell your college friends about. The Cascadia semester focuses on the study and practice of sustainability: environmental, economic and spiritual for life and action in these turbulent times.

Shane Claiborne calls Cascadia, ” a space where we can re-imagine the way we live.” Come re-imagine new community based ways to live like The Bartimaeus Co-housing Community in Silverdale. Come re-imagine new ways to become agents of sustainable change through organic gardening, social entrepreneurship & creation of resilient local communities like Sustainable Bellingham and Slow Food Port Susan. Read more

Mustard Seed Village Gaining Favor

We are about to break ground at the Mustard Seed Village. We have raised $50,000 towards our first building, our architect David Vandervort has met with contractors and we are ready to start. Over the summer there will be many opportunities to join or create your own band of volunteer builders. Please email us at mail@msainfo.us if you are interested in participating in a work party on the land.

Mustard Seed Village MapWe are so excited about the development of this community. It is not just a place for college students. It will provide a gathering place for all of us to come together, imagine and create new ways to live sustainably, practice faith and serve God in our turbulent world. I believe the Mustard Seed Village will equip us to bring kingdom change and the love of God into the world in fresh and exciting ways.

If you would like to join with us in imagining and creating mustard seeds of God’s future please consider a financial gift towards this exciting project. We still need $35,000 to complete our iconic structure. Your gift of $10, $100 or $10,000 can make a difference. Each mustard seed planted can help us to accomplish God’s purposes for Mustard Seed Village. We plan to dedicate this building at the upcoming Celtic retreat August 10 – 12 so save the date and come join us for this momentous occasion.

Sustainable Gardening Gaining Favor

There is still time to join us for the Spirituality of Gardening seminar at the Mustard Seed House May 5th. Community gardens continue to flourish in churches and communities across the world and we want to help you connect what you are doing in the garden to your faith. This year we have special discounts for alumni and students.

planting seedsOr perhaps you would like us to help you start your garden this year. We would love it if those of you who live in Seattle would consider ordering your tomato and other vegetable starts from us.Proceeds will help with the development of the Mustard Seed Village garden project.

Or join us for garden days at the Mustard Seed House for fun times of garden fellowship and sharing. If you are interested in either of these options please email me at christine@msainfo.us

If you are not in the Seattle area consider hosting a Spirituality of Gardening seminar in your area, or suggest your garden community or Bible study group use To Garden with God as a study guide.

Blogs Gaining Favor

Bartimaeus CommunityThe traffic on our blogs continues to grow. Check out Tom Sine’s latest contribution on sustainable cohousing here. Andy Wade has also added compelling Mustard Seed stories to the website including A Face to Reframe

At Godspace don’t miss the latest in our daily reflections for the Lenten series What Do We Hunger and Thirst For? and the beautiful prayers posted throughout Lent including Disturb Us O Lord from Desmond Tutu and I Cannot Do This Alone by Dietrich Bonhoffer. Coming soon will be an updated list of Resources for holy week and prayers for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. Please let us know of resources you think should be added to the list.

Resources for a Whole Life Faith Gaining Favor

Prayers of a Different Sort
We have new resources available to help you integrate your daily life with your faith.

Ricci Kilmer has compiled a prayer booklet for children: Prayers of A Different Sort. Carol Stoner calls it “a treasure for anyone working with children, offering spiritual formation.” Download it for free

Our best selling To Garden With God is now also available in Kindle and Kindle Fire-ready .mobi format and the ePub version for Nook, Nook Color, Sony Reader and Windows 7 Phone and other readers! For those of you who have told us your paper version is falling to pieces because you have used it so much, this might be a good solution. Order here

Soap, Book, & Lotion!Or you might like to bundle a paper copy of To Garden With God, together with MSA team member, Cindy Todd’s wonderful soap and lotion bars. These are perfect for any gardener and would make a great Mother’s Day gift. Proceeds from sales will not only enable us to make Mustard Seed Associates more sustainable, they will also help Cindy fulfill her dream of teaching soap and business development in Kenya and the Ukraine.

Keep your eyes open for other new resources coming soon: Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray and Living on Purpose: Curriculum for a Whole Life Faith. We appreciate your prayers as we move forward in these important projects.

Our friends at A Rocha have also produced some great resources for those starting a community garden. Check them out here

Collaboration Gaining Favor

Mustard Seed Associates is at its core a networking organization that seeks to collaborate with others to grow God’s kingdom work. Upcoming events that you might like to join us at include:

  • Inhabit Conference Seattle WA April 20 & 21
  • Wild Goose Festival Shakori Hill NC June 21 – 24
  • Or join with our international network:
    Celtic Easter April 15th on Chanctonbury Ring, West Sussex with the Contemplative network and our good friends Greg Valerio and Micha Jazz.

Let us know what events you feel should be mentioned on the Mustard Seed calenda
This is an exciting time for all of us at Mustard Seed Associates and we appreciate your ongoing support and prayers at this strategic time .

God bless you

Christine Sine
Executive Director