Get your hands dirty and help us build Mustard Seed Village

Would You Help Us Build Mustard Seed Village?

Mustard Seed Village Pole Barn - 1

Over the summer we will construct the first building at the Mustard Seed Village.

MSV Pole Barn - South View

We are looking for volunteers to help us construct this iconic building.

If you are interested in joining a work party over the summer please email us immediately and let us know when you would be available, for how long, and what skills you bring (none required), so we can begin organizing building parties!

MSV Pole Barn - floor plan
Our architect, David Vandervort has completed the initial drawings for the pole barn which will provide a classroom facility for students. We are inspired and excited by his creativity which has produced a unique design for this iconic structure highlighting many of the sustainable, eco-friendly building techniques that we intend to be a part of all that we do on this property.

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amounts listed below only reflect money raised through this online campaign. We are deeply grateful to those who have contributed just over $50,000 through this and other means, including an amazing matching grant, to help make Mustard Seed Village a reality.