MSA Happenings – April 2012

Christine Sine

God Loves Us This Much

There is no greater contrast in history than that between the despair of Good Friday and the joyous celebration of Easter Sunday. May we celebrate together the wonder of Christ’s love for us and the hope of the resurrection

Lord Jesus Christ may we see your Cross
Not as a place of loss but of gain
Lord Jesus Christ may we see you
Not as a sacrifice but in joyous submission
Lord Jesus Christ may we follow you
Not as a stumbling block but as a doorway into eternal life.

A Good Friday Prayer

It is already Good Friday in Australia and many of us are getting ready for the somber celebration of this day.

Today we walk with Christ in the dark shadow of the Cross,
Knowing we have weighed him down,
Our burdens crushed his shoulders,
His suffering is for us,
For us he willingly endured death…

Read the entire prayer and other Good Friday resources here

A Joyous Easter to You

The following prayer is one that I wrote for Easter Sunday several years ago but I have noticed that several churches are planning to use it this year and thought that I would share it again.

Jesus Christ you are risen and we see you,
You transform our world with love and hope,
You ignite our hearts of stone with compassion and care,
You transfigure our world with the spirit of life.

Read the entire prayer here

Reflect with Us During the Easter Season

Many of you have joined us during the Lenten season for daily reflections on the theme Easter is Coming What Do We Hunger and Thirst For? This has been a very stimulating and thought provoking series. Those of you who missed these may like to check through the contributions here

You may also like to read some of these Holy week poems and reflections:

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Thin Space – a Reflection by Paula Mitchell

May your celebrations this Easter season be filled with hope and the promise of the resurrection.

God bless you,
Christine Sine
Executive Director