Master of Arts in International Care and Community Development

Our good friend and MSA Collaborator, Dr. Forrest Inslee, just so happens to be Department Chair for this MA program at Northwest University. They still have a few slots available for their upcoming fall cohort – if you’ve been thinking about going in this direction I encourage you to check out their program today!

This program prepares men and women for context-sensitive, strategic leadership in meeting the needs of the poor and oppressed, both in the U.S. and overseas. This degree emphasizes core issues of global-cultural awareness and social justice. Students are equipped to identify, analyze, and understand cultural differences in contexts of need, and to develop holistic responses that are sensitive to the particular constraints and opportunities presented in those settings.

Students will explore career options in relief and development contexts, including leadership and management, as well as project design and facilitation. Possible career settings for people with a Masters in ICCD include:

  • Relief and development agencies (World Vision; World Concern)
  • Local government (Health and Human Services; tribal relations consultant)
  • International government (World Health Organization; United Nations)
  • Church ministries (missions director; urban outreach coordinator)
  • Corporate relations/philanthropy (grant coordinator; community impact researcher)
  • Healthcare (cultural communications consultant; minority rights advocate)
  • Project management (homeless shelter vocational trainer; orphanage director)
  • Education (minority student advisor; literacy advocate; English teacher abroad)
  • Research (immunization program design; program impact evaluation)

This degree is essentially practical and tied to real-world needs; there is a constant emphasis on the interplay between theory and praxis. All students will take part in a cross-cultural field experience in semesters two, three, and four through the practicum series. This may include volunteering for an organization with which they are already associated. Through this practicum, students use research skills learned in the classroom to enact social change in a real-world context. Students may opt to use this field research as a basis for their final thesis project.

Get the details over at Northwest University’s website