Imagination Rising

— by andy wade — Event logos

What do MSA’s annual Celtic Retreat, Wild Goose Festival East & West, Creative World Festival (Canada-West), and Inhabit have in common? They are all events reflecting the rising imagination and creativity of the Western Church. Or better yet, they are examples of Christ-followers reconnecting with the imaginative aspects of the Creator whose image permeates our very core.

Often starved of imagination and creativity, the Church has been stuck in a rut. More often than not we were late-adopters of innovation, more copy-cats than creators. If, as we believe, we are created in the image of God, then how vast the essence of our creative potential must be!
Instead of throwing the same old “solutions” at the same old problems, our imaginations can be unleashed to look at whole solutions that bring all of our God-given senses into play, engaging the whole person with God’s whole desire for justice, healing, reconciliation and peace.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about what God is doing. As with all change, there will be missteps. But when those missteps come, we can trust the Spirit of God, the “Wild Goose”, to gently correct and set our feet on the Kingdom path. What we cannot afford is to attempt to fence in and domesticate the wild goose of God. Fling wide the gates of holy imagination and let the creativity of God roam freely! The world is longing, hoping, waiting for “new things to spring forth” and it may just come from that mustard seed germinating in the soil of your God-inspired imagination.

Intrigued? Make sure to attend one or more of these upcoming events.