Ready or Not: Creating a New Reality

— by andy wade —


Tantek Çelik via Compfight

We are creating the technology that is going to create the new shared experience, which will create the new world. So please, let’s make technology that makes people more human and not less. — Renny Gleeson

In this humorous yet pointed clip, Renny Gleeson challenges us to be truly present to those around us and not allow technology to cripple human relationships.

I’ve personally been struggling with this and wondering how much blogs and interesting Facebook posts really further the Kingdom of God. As interesting, even inspiring, as some of them are, is there a spiritual cost to this hyper-connected lifestyle we’ve adopted?

  • At what point do we discover that technology is no longer a tool, but master?
  • Does the medium of our message actually diminish the message we have?
  • At what point do these “advances” become spiritually unsustainable?

I just finished reading Nancy Sleeth’s (Blessed Earth) new book, “almost amish”, (review coming soon) and really have to question if the rapid pace of technological change has crippled our ability to adequately discern the long-term consequences of adopting that latest gadget or trend.

Watch the video and post your reflections – I need a good cyber-discussion to sort all this out!

NOTE: if you’re offended by coarse language you may find parts of this video offensive.