Let the Building Begin!

by Christine Sine —

Pole Barn Logs ArriveThis week has been a momentous one for Tom and me. On Tuesday morning we left home at 5:30 am to drive out to the future site of the Mustard Seed Village on Camano Island. We were so excited because the poles for our first building – the pole barn classroom, were arriving. This may not sound very momentous to some of you but for us it is huge.

Tom Straps Down LogsTom bought the land 20 years ago and the dream for an eco-monastic-village that can become a centre for Christian imagination and innovation. We believe that this is a vision that God has placed in our hearts. It is exciting to have a growing circle of friends and collaborators who share the same dream.

Unloading LogsThis will be a place where people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages can gather to imagine and create new possibilities for life and faith for the future. We are so excited, in spite of the fact that there are still many obstacles to overcome – not the least of these is that we still need $100,000 to widen the road, bring in electricity and complete the first building.

If you would like to help we would love you to join our team

Pole Barn Marker

Pole Barn Design