What kind of a future do you want?

Tom Sine


My pup Bonnie urged me to get busy blogging.  For those who read my blog early in the year I explored how followers of Jesus can imagine and create innovative new ways to be a difference and make a difference in these volatile times.  Some may remember that the Mustard Seed Conspiracy blog began with the question: what kind of community do you want to live in times like these?   In this new series we are starting with a very different question: “What kind of a future do you want?”  I would love to receive your response.  (Responses may be posted on Tom Sine’s Facebook page)

“What kind of a future do you want?”  This is a question that many Americans are asking as we race into another presidential election.  But it is really an important question that all people need to ask regardless of what country you live in. 

 People of faith in the US have a range of very different answers to the question: “What kind of future do you want?”

  • ·         A few of mainline Christians want a more progressive,  politically correct future but these people often tell me they have very little belief in life beyond this life.
  • ·         In contrast I still hear a lot of evangelicals singing “this world is not my home I am Just passing through.”  They often tell me they are looking forward to escaping this troubled world to a “world up there.”
  • ·         Still other Christians tell me that they want a future of dramatically increased economic individualism and dramatically reduced government spending.  They believe this approach will reduce their taxes, increase their wealth and somehow automatically improve the lot of those at the margins.
  • ·         Those on the religious right in the US often seem to be more motivated by the future they fear rather than the future they want…numbers of them tell me that they live in dread of the coming of a one world socialist gulag.
  • ·         Watch this great video by a member of our team, Cindy Todd, and ask yourself: “ What kind of a future Cindy wants for her family and her community?”

o   As you saw Cindy has started a small business that not only helps her support her family…but helps her neighbors as well… because Jesus did. 

  • ·         What kind of future do you want?  Is it possible that scripture calls all people of faith to seek a better future not only for themselves but also for their neighbors in these troubled times?

o   Is it possible that Christians everywhere could join Cindy and many other social entrepreneurs in creating small businesses that do good by doing well?

o   Is it possible to challenge our churches to also help create small businesses and community gardens to empower the poorest in our communities?

o   Is it possible to support those in all our nations who are creating social policy that provides greater educational and employment opportunities for our most vulnerable neighbors instead of using  our limited resources to benefit wealthy individuals and corporations?

o   Is it possible for you to join Bread for the World in their Offering of Letters Campaign to influence policy makers in the US to draft legislation that increases opportunities for our most vulnerable neighbors? 

  • ·         What kind of future do you want for yourself, your family and your neighbors locally and globally in these troubled times? We want to hear from you!!! 
For the time being, response may be posted on Tom’s Facebook Page.