What Kind of Future? – part two

by Tom Sine —

Tom Sine“What kind of a future do you want?” This is a question that many Americans are asking as the US presidential election will finally be concluded on Tuesday. The two candidates do have very different visions for the future of the United States. In the coming months we will see the vision that emerges and what difference it makes for what sectors of our society.

In my blog last week I tried to remind followers of Jesus not only in the US but in all countries that regardless of our political or economic views a biblical faith calls us not only care about ourselves and our families but our neighbors too… particularly our most vulnerable neighbors.

I shared in my last blog how Cindy Todd is helping her neighbors by hiring single parent moms to make soap for her new free market innovation…the Snohomish Soap Company.

I also encourage churches in all our countries to learn from the Parish Collective to move beyond food bank response to those in need to consider creating small local businesses to provide jobs for the unemployed in all our communities. (check out on Facebook all the ways the young missional innovators in the Parish Collective are empowering their local communities to become more resilient in these troubled times.)

Last week I also shared the brilliant way that Bread for the World has, for decades, reminded American Christians of all political stripes that we can also care for our most vulnerable neighbors by influencing our government to do justice. Join Bread for the World in their Offering of Letters Campaign to influence policy makers in the US to draft legislation that increases economic opportunities for our most vulnerable neighbors!
I was so gratified by David’s response to my blog last week:. “I definitely want a future where my life is focused on encouraging others and helping them meet their needs – in whatever form they come. Yes, I want to be a shaper of a better future.”

David really got what it means to be a follower of Jesus. What kind a future do you want for your family, your community and your neighbors locally and globally in times like these? I really would like to hear from you!

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