Racing Towards the Fiscal Cliff January 1…

Racing Towards the Fiscal Cliff January 1… Are you prepared to help your family and your neighbors

— by Tom Sine —

 Some rights reserved by Marianne O'LearyWhen Sandy hit Christians were ready! Methodists, Baptists and Lutherans were ready. Roy Riley, the ELCA bishop of New Jersey, said “we were blessed to have the weekend for families and communities to make preparation. In our congregations on Sunday there were reminders to remember the most vulnerable and check in with them as possible before and during the storm.”
Not only churches in New Jersey and New York but churches from all over the country were among first responders to the devastation of Sandy. Many people of faith are still working with those who are struggling to get their lives back.

As the devastating tsunami of the global recession began to hammer all of our lives and communities January 2009 I wrote an article in the Leadership Journal calling on the church not only to get ready for natural disasters but also for the coming waves of economic calamity too. I pointed out “Since Katrina, churches all over the U.S., have developed disaster preparedness capabilities.

But as we slid into devastating global recession I found a number of businesses that were prepared for a possible major recession but I couldn’t find a single church, denomination or Christian organization that had made any preparations at all.

As we race towards not only the fiscal cliff January 1, but a host of other globally economic crises, we are in exactly the same situation. Major corporations have developed sophisticated contingency plans for not only the worst case scenario of fiscal cliff but other possible economic disasters coming from the Euro Zone or Japan. But again I have been unable to find any churches or Christian organizations who have developed any contingency plans at all for the fiscal cliff or the next major economic crisis.

What can you or your church do to help prepare for the next financial crisis not only for our lives and families but particularly for our most vulnerable neighbors? I want to hear your innovative ideas of how we can get ready!