Racing Towards the Fiscal Cliff January 1… Are you getting ready for your family and your neighbors?

— by Tom Sine —

Last week Christine and I met some good friends in San Francisco that have been working at getting ready to help their neighbors before there was a fiscal cliff.  Mark and Lisa Scandrette and their community ReIMAGINE!: A Center for Integral Christian Practice are serious about whole life stewardship.  This is one of the few communities of the followers of Jesus  that I have met that have been intentionally changing their lifestyles to be more present to the needs of their neighbors in good times and tough times.

We started our time together walking the neighborhood where I grew up on Nob Hill.  The next night we enjoyed a “build your own burrito feed” with about 30 of the Reimagine Tribe.  These followers of Jesus not only come together for to spend time in scripture and prayer but we learned they help each other every week to actually reimagine how to steward their time and money to seek first something of God’s kingdom. Listen to part of their covenant statement on whole life stewardship.

“Simplicity. We acknowledge the abundant provision of our Maker and seek to live in trust, radical contentment, and generosity within an empire of scarcity and greed.

  • We live by a budget that reflects sustainability, justice and intentional conscientious priorities. We share these budgets in a yearly members meeting.
  • We give away at least 10% of our income (5% to the common work of SEVEN and 5% to the charities of our choice).
  • We collectively take an inventory of our belongings and evaluate what to keep, share, sell or give away on an annual basis.”

As we spent the evening with these good people they shared their stories of how they help one another make changes in their careers, time schedules and budgets to put the purposes of God’s kingdom first in their lives.  It has been a long time since I have found a community of the followers of Jesus that have worked so intentionally to free up time, money and their resources to share with their most vulnerable neighbors in these uncertain times.

You can read more about the Reimagine community in Mark’s books: Practicing the Way of Jesus (IVP 2011) FREE: Spending Your Time & Money On What Matters Most (IVP 2013)

Do you know of any other groups of the followers of Jesus that are helping one another reinvent how they steward time and money to be more present to their neighbors in tough times??? Send us your stories today!

Tom feels no evil.