Part 2: What is you vision of the good life and better future you are looking forward to?

— by Tom Sine —

Christmas Tree

As we race towards Christmas 2012 and a very uncertain new year, what is your vision of the good life and better future you’re giving your life to?

Is the good life of God really simply about getting “a piece of the rock” now and disembodied existence in the clouds by and by? Or is it about something more…much more? Does the bible offer us a different vision for coming home to a new Jerusalem?

Check out Steve Bell’s imagery of coming home (from his new CD, “Keening for the Dawn“)in his song Oracles drawn from the rich imagery of Isaiah. Then ask, “Is it possible that God’s better future isn’t just about changing our personal spiritual lives, but also about making a little difference in God’s world as well?”


Music and Lyric by Steve Bell

based on Isaiah 2:1-5, 7:10-16, 11:1-10, 35:1-10 

Oh ancient seer, your vision told
Of desert highways leading home
To the mountain of the Lord
Where nations sound a righteous song forever more.
And on that mountain men will forge
From cruel implements of war
The tools to till and garden soil
The rose will bloom and faces shine with gladdening oil
And it will surely come to pass
Justice will reign on earth at last
The wolf will lie down with the lamb
No beast destroy, no serpent strike the child’s hand
And God himself will choose a sign
A frightened woman in her time
Will bear a son and name him well
God with us! O come, o come Emmanuel!
  • Is it possible that NT Wright is right, in Surprised by Hope, when he insists that we are not headed home to a non-material heaven in the clouds? He insists that the bible teaches that we are coming home not as disembodied souls but as a great bodily resurrected, multicultural community to a new heaven and a new earth…a new Jerusalem.
  • Is it possible that the good life of God is found in joining many others in discovering creative ways God might use our mustard seeds to bring a little healing to the broken, justice to the poor, peace to the nations and perhaps even a little flourishing of God’s good creation?

As we look forward to the coming of Emmanuel are you willing to discover how God might use your mustard seed to make a little difference in our troubled world?

Write me today and let me know!