No More Baths!

— by Andy Wade —

“Well wash my mouth out with…!”
I was trying to think of a clever introduction to this TED Talk and came up with many. Then I thought, “Why not stick with what worked for Ludwick Marishane?”

Who is this Ludwick I speak of? Only the youngest patent holder in all of South Africa and Google’s Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011. There are several things that amazed me as I listened to his talk. I won’t give too many details since he says it so much better than I could. But it got me thinking:

  • What stimulates our imagination?
  • How often do we dismiss or give up on good ideas because we feel we are too limited…
    1. by lack of money?
    2. by lack of education?
    3. by lack of technology?
    4. by age or gender?
    5. by fear?
  • How many good ideas have I stuffed in the closet that need to be taken out, dusted off, and given life?


inquiring minds want to know!