Super Soaper!

— by Andy Wade —

There I was, quietly sipping my morning coffee and reading the newspaper. Then it happened. A gulp, a snort, I just about had hot coffee shoot out my nostrils! While that’s not an uncommon response for me while reading the paper, this time it was because of a pleasant surprise! There on the entire back page of PCC Natural Markets’ (Puget Consumer’s Co-op) insert what none other than MSA’s own Cindy Todd and her amazing Snohomish Soap Company.

I know, I know, we’ve written about her before but what Cindy’s doing to create jobs for single moms and others is worth telling again! We’re proud and inspired!

Cindy’s creative business model, which empowers single mothers and disabled people, is inspiring for all of us. Her endeavours provide a wonderful example of the interplay between business and Christian ministry. Expect to hear more from Cindy as she develops her ideas on igniting the divine spark. Her soaps and lotion bars are now available in all nine PCC’s and 28 Haggen stores in the Pacific NW. Coming soon is Walmart online.