Are you ready to embrace the new discipline of weekly journal writing in 2013?

— by Tom Sine —

Two weeks ago I asked “Are you ready to embrace the new discipline of daily time in word and prayer as the first step in Living on Purpose in 2013?”


Last week I asked: “Are you ready to embrace new disciplines to follow Jesus in living on purpose in 2013?”

I invited you to begin the New Year by spending 30 days developing the new discipline of spending 15 minutes a day with scripture and prayer.  This week I am asking “are you ready to embrace the new discipline of weekly journal writing in 2013?”

Remember for those of us that have difficulty developing new disciplines “… a new study offers hope, revealing that you are three times more likely to achieve your resolution if you do one thing: stick with it for the first 30 days ( I would be interested in learning if you have taken the initiative to develop a new 15 minute a day discipline with word and prayer.

For those that find a daily spiritual discipline a bit daunting I want to offer you the opportunity to develop a new weekly spiritual discipline….Journaling.  Essentially this is simply initiating the discipline of keeping a diary of your spiritual journey with Christ.  I still prefer keeping my journals in notebooks you can buy at a stationary store.  Many younger people prefer to keep a journal on their lap top or tablet.

There are some Christians who journal every day but I find most people are better able to do weekly journaling.  I find that most people journal about the week past. Christine uses the headings from the Prayer of Exam of “consolations” and “devastations.”  I tend to focus more on what God is teaching me about my many shortcomings or showing me all that I have to be grateful for.  Occasionally I also capture a new insight about life, faith or calling which I immediately enter in my journal.

You need to find what time works best for you.

So here are my proposed steps in developing the new spiritual discipline of weekly journaling:

  • Purchase a notebook, diary or open a file on your tablet or lap top that you use exclusively for spiritual journaling
  • Find a regular time to do your weekly journaling. Christine and I find that Sunday morning before church is usually the best for us to journal and share our journaling with each other
  • Find a journaling companion to share your weekly journey with Christ as it relates to the important areas of your life.  Christine and I always pray after we share and discuss our journaling
  • Finally, remember if you can journal once a week for a month you have a very good possibility of developing this new discipline as a permanent part of your life.

Write me today and let me know… “Are you ready to embrace the new discipline of weekly journal writing in 2013?”