Are you ready to embrace the new discipline of daily laughter?

— by Tom Sine — Last week we asked “if you would be willing to embrace the new discipline of weekly journal writing?” Pat responded that she is very active in social media but finds regular journaling with a notebook and a pen much more satisfying.

Are you ready this week to embrace the new discipline of daily laughter?  Never heard of laughter being a Spiritual discipline? Check out the book Laughter is a Sacred Space.   “Humor is the highest form of imagination” Ted Swartz, the author of the book suggested as we shared lunch last Tuesday.  Imagination is, of course, an integral ingredient in spirituality.


Most importantly it can enable us to take ourselves, our fears and rigid ideas much less seriously and be more open to listen not only to God but to others who may have views we really need to hear.

Tuesday night Ted and his friends in Ted & Company put on their show “I would like to buy an enemy” at Seattle Pacific University.  This show enables us to laugh at ourselves and our apparent need to have an enemy.  It enables us to deal with our often exaggerated fears that are so evident not only in our lives but in our country these days.  Laughter helps us not only to diminish our fears but reach out to those we differ and work for A little reconciliation, peace and justice.

Ted reported the next day that the students at SPU not only really engaged the show, they learned to laugh at themselves and their fears a bit.  And a number stayed around after the show to discuss the show.

“ The word humor is derived from the same word…humus meaning ‘of the earth, connected to dirt, soil’—that means growing things that are real, gritty and full of nutrients.  To laugh is the way to be grounded in the best possible way.  A sense of humor is a proclamation that I am fully human.” Suggests Ted.

So how can we develop this new spiritual discipline of daily laughter?  I suggest each day we find one thing about ourselves that is a little rigid, fearful or pretentious.  Then I suggest we find a humorous way to characterize our foible of the day and share it with one good friend and have a real good laugh.  I am sure you will find at the end of the month you approach your life and God’s world with much less fear and anger and maybe with a little more humus and humility.

Write me and let me know how it grows as you experience developing the new spiritual discipline of daily laughter…at ourselves.  I would also encourage you to contact Ted & Company and invite them to your community to help you and your friends discover that Laughter is Sacred Space.