Mustard Seed Village Poles Planted

— by Cindy Todd —

Poles for the new pole barn/classroom
The poles are in! The poles are in!

To some, it’s not as exciting as “The building is done! The building is done!” To us it is indeed momentous.

When Tom purchased the land way back in the 80’s, the dream of Mustard Seed Village was, um, yes, only a seed: a far off vision that was nebulous and uncertain.

Lunch on the logsLast summer, thanks to a few very generous donors, we prepared the site, bought the huge logs poles, and then, used them for our lunch gathering site at the Celtic Retreat. They made a lovely picnic bench, but they are so much more intriguing in their vertical position, helping us to see the building more clearly, it’s shape, it’s breadth, its promise.

Last week I met with Nancy Chase and Greg Estes, both of Shambala Farm on Camano Island. Nancy is a brilliant sustainability practitioner and Greg is an expert in forestry, sustainable building and together we had a great conversation about early structures at Mustard Seed Village.

Even though it was the initial reason for our meeting, we talked about almost everything but our next Wild Camano tour. It’s tentatively scheduled for May 4. Nancy and our guests will tromp the land, discovering edibles and other fun surprises in our rich, mostly old growth forest. After a fresh and local lunch, we’ll work and get our hands dirty together planting our first greens garden for the Mustard Seed Village.

Interested in helping with the construction?
This summer we will begin full-scale construction and are looking for individuals and teams to help out! Find out more HERE

Of course we’re always looking for more financial partners to keep the vision moving forward.Can you help with a donation? Any amount helps. A monthly subscription helps us budget and plan more effectively. Whether you can give a little or a lot, once or on-going, every mustard seed is deeply appreciated and will be planted with faithfulness and care. Thank you!