Igniting the Divine Spark

— by Cindy Todd —

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house

Matthew 5:15

Many of you have likely read about my unlikely journey into soapmaking.  It was a pretty interesting path.  First unemployment for myself and my husband in Florida, then a trek roughly 3200 miles across the country to find our new spark.glowhome, and then, alas, more unemployment. Thank goodness for Mustard Seed Associates, and my part time work with Tom and Christine. Around that time, I also began making soap: first as a hobby, and then as a way to earn some extra money (although not much at first) for my family. Honestly, Its not so much about soap as it is about what circumstances can prepare us for and even encourage creativity. What I’ve discovered about creativity in myself has been profound.

There is no doubt that what lives in me, also lives in you. We are made in our Creator’s image, and let’s face it, there are none more creative than God. Your own divine spark may be dormant, it may be misdirected, or it may be blazing away.  Wherever you are in your creativity, let’s see if we can have a nice conversation to help explore it a bit.

My hope for this short blog series leading up to my “Igniting the Divine Spark” workshop on March 16  is to discuss what I’ve learned about the subject. We’ll talk about “Digging to China”, “Discerning your own spark” and “Ignition”.

Check back Wednesdays and get ignited!  I hope you’ll join me.


Igniting the Divine Spark – Blog – will be posted by Cindy Todd every Wednesday from February 20 through March 13.