MSA Imaginings February 2013

Igniting the Divine Spark

Ashes on my forehead,
A longing in my heart.
Ready for a journey,
Beyond the cross.
Wanting to be changed,
To be transformed,
To be made new.

These words from the prayer I wrote for the First Sunday of Lent remind us that the season of Lent does not end at the cross. Its purpose is to enable us to let go of all that distracts us from a whole-hearted commitment to the lifestyle of God’s new world.

For me this was emphasized in the Lenten retreat held at the Mustard Seed House on Saturday too. I began the retreat with an exercise in breathing based on the first chapter of Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How we Pray. This exercise became the focus of my own reflections during the rest of the retreat and continues to shape my thoughts as I journey through Lent. You can read more here.

The Godspace series, “Return to Our Senses in Lent”, is off to a good start. Initial posts include “Open Hands, Open Hearts” by Lynne Baab, and “Experiencing God in the Created World” by Steve Wickham.

On the MSA blog check out Tom’s latest posts, “Are You Ready for the Spiritual Practice of Gratitude?” and “Are You Ready to Embrace the New Discipline of Daily Laughter?

Igniting the Divine Spark

“You are my hero” Tom told Cindy Todd at our last MSA team training day. The launch of Snohomish Soap Company, an inspiring business model which has won her acclaim in Ted talks, (fast forward to 1hour-4min. for Cindy’s part) and from the Fledge conscious company incubator, incentivizes all of us to apply our God given creativity to new entrepreneurial models that will sustain us in our volatile world.

The next event on the MSA calendar is Cindy Todd’s workshop, Igniting the Divine Spark. We are all looking forward to hearing more about what has ignited her divine spark and inspired the creativity that lay dormant for many years of her life.

Congratulations Andy Wade

Another MSA hero this month is Andy Wade, our communications expert. Andy was recently awarded the “Inspired Service and Action Award” from Gorge Ecumenical Ministries for his work with the homeless in Hood River. His pastoral ministry amongst those at the margins inspires us to new levels commitment in our own lives. His weekly blog posts on the MSA blog continually challenge me with his insightful reflections as you can see in his Ash Wednesday post, Ash Wednesday: A Doorway into Lent.

Like me, Andy has a passion for gardening. He will join me in facilitating the Spirituality of Gardening seminar here at the Mustard Seed House May 18th and will facilitate another seminar in Hood River later in the year.

Rejoicing at the Mustard Seed Village

Pouring the foundationTom and I were privileged to be on Camano Island just after the concrete was poured for the foundations of our first Mustard Seed Village building. We are so excited at the continued development of this site. We hope you can join us for one of the events we are planning to help us celebrate.

Wild Camano Tour
Save the date May 4th for a Wild Camano Tour. Join us and the folks from Shambala Farm for a Wilderness Inter-Active Walk and Work Party, observing both habitats and horticulture, followed by design and discussions about the forest garden we will plant next to our outdoor kitchen. Prepare the land with us and maybe even plant our first small garden. This will be an exciting new step in the development in Mustard Seed Village.

2013 Celtic RetreatSave the date August 10th for our annual Celtic Retreat. This year’s theme, “Celebrate the Newness“. God is birthing something new within MSA and we want to celebrate both this and the new things God is birthing in all our lives. Ryan Marsh of Church of the Beloved will lead us in worship and Eucharist. Share a time of guided retreat and reflection Saturday morning, enjoy the prayer trails and prayerful activities during the afternoon and celebrate with a BBQ potluck dinner at night. We also invite you to camp with us Friday and Saturday nights, to share morning and evening prayers together and a time of reflective worship Sunday morning.

Pray With Us

We appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to move forward:

  • for the MSA team as we continue to reshape and refocus MSA
  • for Cindy Todd as she leads the Igniting the Divine Spark workshop next month
  • for Andy Wade and his role in MSA communications
  • for Tom as he begins work on research for a new book
  • for me as I develop new liturgies, prayers and spiritual resources

God bless and keep you during this season,

Christine Sine
Executive Director
Mustard Seed Associates.