Digging to China

— by Cindy Todd —

Not sure about you, but I fondly remember hazy days of summers as a child. Mine were spent mostly in Crown Point, Indiana. Ours was the era before back-to-back summer camps and the emphasis on days spent productively. Sure, the lawn had to be mowed, weeded, and trimmed once a week…daily chores had to be done, but all in all, most of those glorious days were spent in the sun, playing outside, and not coming home until the street lights flickered on.

digging to ChinaA particularly odd “rite of summer passage” I remember, one I suspect many of you also share is the inevitable project of digging to China. I’m not sure if I tried it once or ten times, but the activity itself: the promise, the possibilities, the improbability is still a part of me.

My brother Doug and I would wake early and set to our task. We’d go to the garage, find a few shovels, and begin. We’d dig and dig, go in for lunch, and then perhaps come out and dig some more, and maybe not. I doubt that we ever dug deeper than 4 ft. or so, but we inevitably agreed we’d get back to work the following morning. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t: maybe we heard the pied piper nursery rhyme music of the ice cream truck, maybe another neighborhood kid invited us to play “Red Rover” until dinner.

What does it matter? What mattered is that no one ever told us we couldn’t.

As we re-connect with our own divine spark, the one that our Creator has placed within each of us, having a “Digging to China” dream is essential. Improbability doesn’t matter, in fact that can make the dream a whole lot more fun.

We’re mostly sensible grown-ups now with busy lives and lots of responsibilities.

  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone told you that you could do whatever you could hope and imagine?
  • Wouldn’t it be empowering if someone said, “Why not? I’ll be here when you get done.”?

Someone has. Thanks God!

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