The Overflow Project: Q & A

Q & A with Founder and Executive Director, Brian “Wolt” Wolters

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The Overflow Project (TOP) is a non-profit organization changing lives through simple living and generous giving. Through a 50-Day Challenge that runs Easter – Pentecost, TOP encourages people to think twice about the money they spend each day and consider how they could contribute to an overflow of support for families in need of clean water. To learn more, visit The Overflow Project or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

  • When did this journey start for you?

I think God’s been working and shaping my story for a long time, but the start of this work began in 2008. I was completing grad school and in my second to last quarter came across a video about clean water. I was inspired and wanted to learn more. I was also studying “sustainability” at the time and was bothered seeing so many people go through the motions of life, without considering alternatives. I wondered: what if people changed the way they lived and by doing so collectively could change the world?

  • How did your interest evolve into The Overflow Project?

After learning about the water crisis in 2008, I started getting involved which turned into leading a campaign at my church in Seattle. I was learning so much about clean water and had a growing desire to invite more churches and groups to get involved. Out of that desire, in April 2012, I launched The Overflow Project.

  • Why focus on water?

I believe clean water is a foundation for human life and community development. Not only that, water issues are continuing to escalate on a global scale. Christianity Today last year rated clean water the #1 cause for cost effective compassion. I recognize that water is not the only part of the equation or a “magic bullet” to solve global poverty, though I believe it is incredibly important for empowering communities out of poverty.

  • What led to starting efforts in Africa specifically?

When I started getting involved, I traveled to East Africa and visited projects in Ntungamo which is in southwest Uganda. This year, I am excited about expanding our reach and adding a new partnership with World Concern where 100% of funds from our 50 Day Challenge will support a water program in Somalia. You can visit our website for project updates and more details.

  • Why focus on the Easter through Pentecost season?

Easter is a day where more people go to church than any other day of the year. If you are part of a community or a church, why not invite people who gather to get involved in sharing your mission to change the world?

I also personally believe Jesus doesn’t disappear after resurrection. He lives on this earth for a reason and demonstrates a new of living that stewards the earth and cares for poor. Celebrate with us the resurrection for the entire Easter season this year.

  • When is the next challenge? How can people get involved?

Timing is really good to get involved. We are only a few weeks away from the next 50 day challenge! Easter is early this year – March 31st.

Register on our website to take the challenge.

You still have enough time to invite others in your community join in as well.

  • Beyond participating in the 50-Day Challenge, how can people support TOP?

Wherever you live, we have excellent volunteer opportunities. Email us to inquire.

We also need financial sponsors as to support our project expenses to help us grow.
If interested, we have more information on our website.

  • 50 Day Challenge

    What changes and growth do you hope TOP will experience in 2013?

We started as a mustard seed a year ago and this year we want to expand our reach to help spread the word. As God’s church we are all in this together. We ask for prayer and support. A little change from a lot of people can go a really long way!

This is the first in a Friday series about The Overflow Project leading up to the 50 Day Challenge starting on Easter. Periodically during the 50 days, various Challenge participants with share how they are taking the challenge and what they’re learning.

If you decide to take the challenge and would like to share your story, please contact us at Mustard Seed Associates.