Let the Pie Work

– by Andy Wade –

MIB 3 Pie Scene“My grandaddy always said, if you got a problem you can’t solve, it helps to get it out of your head.Pie. It’s good.” Following that advice I would gain a lot of weight!

Those words from Men in Black III caught me off guard. But then when I stepped back I realized it’s really a great lesson for us Jesus Followers.

Watch the clip then check out my comments below.

Don’t you just love J’s response, “…you know, we’ve been doing smart stuff. We’ve been following clues, doing real police work… it might be time we do something stupid, sometin’ that ain’t got notin’ to do with notin’. You know what K, now I want some pie!”

Cindy has been doing this great series on “Igniting the Divine Spark” and this clip makes me think about that. So often our creativity is stymied precisely because we’ve spend too much time focusing on “the problem”. Like Jesus, we need to set it aside and get away. We need to eat some pie!

As K and J are at the diner eating pie, J is agitated. “World class serial killer out there, and we’re having pie!”

“I sense you’re not embracing the concept here” K responds. “Pie don’t work unless you let it”

It’s a funny line, but how often have I gone away on “retreat” only to take all my problems with me?

One of my pet peeves is that term, “retreat”. We throw it around calling working meetings “retreats” when all we really mean is having our meeting in a nicer location. We need to recapture the art of retreating in order to recapture our imagination.

Just like pie, retreats don’t work unless you let them.

Tom write’s about this in his latest post, Are you ready for the Lenten discipline of coming out of hiding?

This Lent, I’m trying to recapture the art of retreat, of rest.

I’m posting this on a Saturday because for many, at least one day over the weekend is a “day of rest”.

But is it? Really?

I know my tendency is to go, go, go. It’s difficult for me to stop. In fact, it feels “stupid” to stop and do nothing – eat some pie – rest.

And yet there’s a reason God didn’t suggest, but commanded, we take a day of rest each week. Our souls need it. Our bodies need it. And if we’re honest we realize, our communities, our churches, our involvements, all need us to rest.

Perhaps a piece of “Dumb-ass” pie is in order. Will you join me?