How Not to be Imaginative

— by Cindy Todd —

I like to call it “losing my inner pirate”
Sure. You have one. We all do.
To use the phraseology we’ve been getting accustomed to these past few weeks, it’s also losing touch with that Divine Spark we’ve been working to re-identify and re-ignite.

Here are a few guaranteed ways to lose your inner pirate

  • DO work all the time
  • DON’T play
  • DON’T sleep
  • DON’T laugh
  • DO get discouraged
  • DO play nasty “I can’t do this, who do I think I am anyhow?” tapes in your head
  • DO focus on the bottom line (in the name of sensibility)
  • DON’T nap
  • DON’T communicate
  • DON’T collaborate
  • DON’T step out of the boat

I thought about adding DON’T attend “Igniting the Divine Spark” but that would have been gratuitous.

PS. There may be a few “talk like a pirate” and “swagger” moments.

Hope to see you on Saturday!