As we rapidly journeying towards Easter 2013 have you ever considered inviting God to ignite your “divine spark?”

Cindy Todd blog 43

— by Tom Sine — Cindy Todd helped a group of us last Saturday invite God to “ignite our divine sparks” and I can’t remember being a part of a gathering that so stirred my imagination and my creativity.  The first exercise took all of us back to our childhood, remembering the things that make us smile and remembering our best day.

Cindy Todd is a wonder.  First, she is a mother of four and a wife of one.  She is also a gifted member of our small ministry.  Finally, she is a remarkable entrepreneur creating the Snohomish Soap Company producing an array of beautifully hand crafted soaps and lotions.

She started this business to generate income for her family and employ single parent moms that need to work at home.   I hope and pray she is the wave of tomorrow.

Cindy also hangs out with a host of other young entrepreneurs at a wonderful place called HUB Seattle.  There is a network of HUBs for social innovation all over the world.  There is a HUB in Mumbai and a HUB in San Francisco and now one in Seattle.

Come with me and visit the HUB in Seattle.  It is a lovely four story building that has been restored in the historic Pioneer Square area downtown.  As we go upstairs we find a big open room with about 15 people some on their lap tops others in groups of 3 and 4.  Cindy is meeting with a couple business consultants exploring how to expand her market for Snohomish Soaps nationally.

Not all the beautiful birds that are hatched in the HUB take flight and soar like Cindy’s beautiful bird.  But those that do make a real difference in small ways in the lives of people all over the planet.

During the Igniting the Divine Spark workshop last Saturday one group came up with a creative idea.  They took one of the scourges in many countries of Africa…huge stacks of tires.  Their idea was to create a small business to reconstitute the rubber into specialty pots for garden shops in Europe.

We are living in a time when there is a huge range of other problems in our world besides enormous mounds of tires.  Invite God to ignite your imaginations to create new ways make a difference in communities locally or globally.

What are your creative ideas of innovative ways to make a little difference like Cindy and other social entrepreneurs are doing?  Send us your creative ideas today so we can share them with our many friends who are looking for ways to ignite their divine sparks.