At the Crossroads of Imagination and Global Need

– by Andy Wade –

David BegbieLooking for innovative ways to help the world? This TEDx talk from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will definitely push your imagination into high gear! David Begbie will stretch your vision of what’s possible – and just might inspire you to move beyond your current expectations.

My wife, Susan, and I first connected with Crossroads International not long after we moved to Hong Kong in 1996. Arriving in Hong Kong from Australia, Malcom and Sally Begbie didn’t have grand visions of building an international relief agency – they came to serve other agencies carrying out simple background support. But with hearts filled with love and a desire to serve those in need, they soon discovered what is possible is way beyond what they could ever ask or even imagine!

The story if Crossroads International is amazing. The Begbie’s son, David, tells part of that story in this TEDx talk, but what unfolded next is nothing short of amazing!

From Crossroads’ providing needed relief around the globe, to their Global Hand initiative which partners those in need with those with resources, to Global Handicrafts, to Global Village, to Global X-perience, Crossroads and its international team of volunteers continues to shape the imagination of people involved in developing the future of global relief and understanding.

Susan had the privilege of taking the first group of international students to Global X-perience – kind of guinea pigs of the initial program. The students from that first event, and subsequent events, were profoundly shaped by the experience. And today that same experience is shaping business and global leaders’ (including UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon and Sir Richard Branson) understanding of the causes and issues surrounding poverty around the world. Simply remarkable!

Please take a minute to watch this humorous and informative talk – and be inspired!

From the You Tube description

As the Director of the Global X-perience department at the Crossroads Foundation, and a spokesman for the organisation, David James Begbie is the perfect example of how addressing just a simple need in the world can make a big difference. Otherwise known as “That Crossroads Guy”, David passionately raises awareness of the conditions of those in need. Alongside facilitating simulations in English and Mandarin for corporate, service and educational groups, his role sees David providing strategic leadership in the development of a new initiative: an experiential Global Village, showcasing global needs, and solutions.

The Global X-perience simulations in Crossroads’ latest development have seen more than 100,000 participants from corporate, educational and social sectors since 2005. Receiving the recognition of the Hong Kong Red Cross Humanity Award (2007) and worldwide respect for his devotion to being a “voice for the voiceless”, David Begbie has given speeches in different nations, addressing business people, students and many others.