The question for this week: what are your creative ideas for making a little difference in your community 2013 to 2018?

— by Tom Sine —

Port T Wik

I want you to take you back to 1970 one more time to meet a mentor and friend…Frank Herbert, author of Dune and a host of other compelling books. Dune was widely used as an environmental study book when it came out in the early 70s at the very beginning of that first environmental movement.

What arrested our attention in the early 70s was an OPEC oil embargo that made us very aware of the possibility of running out of inexpensive oil.

In Dune Frank Herbert envisioned a dessert culture a thousand years in the future that was running out of water not oil. That possibility seemed very far-fetched in 1972 . But if you take a look at Al Gore’s new book The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change The-Future-Drivers-Global-Change, you will discover we are facing very real water scarcity today all over the planet including the holy land.

In his final years, back in the late 70s, Frank Herbert and his wife Beverly bought a house on 5 acres in Port Townsend Washington. It is an iconic rural community on the Olympic Peninsula with old Victorian homes and a harbor and ferry terminal on the Puget Sound.  When I visited Frank and Beverly after they moved into their new digs Frank shared his dream.  He said my goal in these years of my life is to demonstrate how to achieve a high level of “techno-peasantry “ on 5 acres.

When I came back several months later Frank and Bev had built a lovely duck pond in the back yard as the first step in achieving their dream.  The next step Frank told me was to build a windmill since they get great wind in Port Townsend.  Then Frank told me he planned to buy an electric car and plug it into his windmill for his 4 mile trip into town and never go back to Exxon again.  Believe it or not that would have worked back in 1974.

On Saturday May 25th Christine and I have been asked by the Lutheran, Baptist and Presbyterian churches to spend time with good people in Port Townsend.  I am going to tell them a bit about my friend Frank Herbert and his remarkable foresight and creativity.  I will share some of my ideas of new challenges that might face us in our uncertain tomorrows.

More than that I am going to invite them to be as imaginative as Frank and Bev were.  I am going to invite them to create new possibilities for themselves, their families and all their neighbors in Port Townsend 2013 to 2018.  In two weeks I will share some of their creative ideas.

So the question for this week is, “What your creative ideas are for making a little difference in your community 2013 to 2018?”