Igniting the Divine Spark – part 2

— by Cindy Todd —

Ignite the Divine Spark!I’ve been slow to write up a debrief, report, summary of the “Igniting the Divine Spark” workshop that I facilitated at Mustard Seed House on March 16. So here goes.

The intent and the vision of the workshop was to help followers of Christ to recognize the divine light that lives within each of us: the light that can spark unimaginable creativity and brilliance. It can make us more resilient. It can help us to impact our communities in new ways. Sure, sometimes it’s dampened or barely flickering and almost seems to be completely extinguished, nevertheless it is still there, just waiting to shine up and through.

Divine Spark WorkshopThe workshop was small but really good. The high point was during the 2nd half of the workshop when we engaged in some focused brainstorming activities that were designed to get small group think going around problems facing individuals and communities. The outcomes were creative and inspiring.

I was recently selected to participate in a 10 week “conscious company” accelerator called Fledge based out of HUB Seattle. HUB Seattle is a shared workspace which has been created to encourage this same type of creative collaboration. It’s a global movement and growing daily as folks come to realize the power of community.

As I think of us “grown-ups” and our desire to recapture our God-given creativity and innovation, I wonder what our world would look like 10 years from now if we helped our kids think more creatively about how to impact their communities today. We build programs and summer camps to encourage internal growth and to draw them into a deeper relationship with God, what if we also gave them the tools to be drawn into the power of community and collaboration.

Kids need less work to get innovative: the spark isn’t quite as dampened, natural creativity less Young folks are so anxious to be involved in change. Their generation has more access to information than any previous.

What they need help with is accessing those ideas collaboratively and figuring out how to make it happen.

I hope to work with my own church’s youth group to help them to creatively assess their own ideas and ways to make positive change in our community. After we work through the process, I’ll be reporting and sharing it with the Mustard Seed Associates community.

Whether a small group from church or a gathering of friends over a meal, the spark of ideas and creativity that can happen when people (and spirit) join together always leads to something more powerful than we could conceive alone.