Raise the Roof!

Raise the Roof! Phase one classroom construction begins!

Phase One Mustard Seed Village ConstructionWe have great news! We are close to completing Phase One of our Mustard Seed Village construction! This weekend we will take the first step in putting a roof on our classroom in the Mustard Seed Village.

A team of seven construction workers has volunteered their time to bolt 8×32 foot beams to the large fir logs already embedded in the concrete foundation. Some of you were present when we dedicated those logs last year. I wish you could join us this weekend too.

We will use this building not only for our future retreats but to start holding classes and gatherings on sustainable faith and sustainable life for these uncertain times.

See the endorsement from The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel, VIII Bishop of Olympia

We now need to finish Phase One and complete the roof on this structure. The $50,000 that we raised to make a beginning is almost gone. You can join others in buying the lumber needed to complete the roof.

The total cost is $15,000 and, with $7,000 in hand, we need an additional $8,000 for lumber and labor.

How You Can Join Us

Thank you for considering helping us with this special need.
Here are ways we invite you to participate:
Pole Barn image

  • Provide a gift to help with the $8,000 needed to complete the roof
  • buy a 32 foot beam for $300…8 needed
  • buy a 22 foot beam for $200…6 needed
  • buy a 24 foot beam for $100…5 needed
  • buy a sheet of plywood $ 30…80 needed
  • Join us on Saturday August 10, 2013 for our 22nd Celtic retreat and dedicate our new building – complete with new roof we hope!
  • Connect us with folks who you believe would be interested in participating.

Donation Options

Bishop’s Endorsement

“I endorse the development of the Mustard Seed Village on a 40 acre site on Camano Island as a site for community that models sustainable life and spirituality and offers gatherings for followers of Jesus to explore and create their own models of sustainable life and spirituality.

The Mustard Seed Associates team seeks to unleash the creative potential of ordinary people across the globe, to make a difference in their communities and a world of urgent need. They encourage people to take the challenges of our rapidly changing world seriously and invite them into a creative process of discernment, seeking to redeem God’s indwelling creative spark to create new models that further God’s purposes. This eco-village project will become a center for imagination and innovation in which this kind of exploration can take place. It will enable people to create new ways to be a difference and make a difference in our turbulent world.

I commend Christine and Tom Sine as well as the team and Board of Mustard Seed Associates for providing leadership for this development. They plan to dedicate their first classroom, that is under construction, at their 22nd annual Celtic Prayer Retreat on August 10. This event is open to those who are interested in learning more about the Mustard Seed Village Project.”

The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel
VIII Bishop of Olympia