Why Yesterday’s Expectations Are Ruining Today’s Future

— by Andy Wade —

Why Yesterday’s Expectations Are Ruining Today’s Future is a compelling and challenging video about our current assumptions regarding collaboration and the work environment. In this video (below), “Technologist Ben Hammersley asks: how do our traditional workplace models conflict with our new internet-driven expectations of how we might live and work to our full potential, and how might companies and organisations learn to adapt in the 21st century?”

As I watched this video, several quotes jumped out:

  • “We have optimized being on top of things rather than getting to the bottom of things.” In other words, we’ve become so obsessed with measurable productivity that we’ve failed to go deep into the things that matter most.
  • “It’s time we reassess how it is we actually work, against what it is we’re trying to achieve – not how best we can use the (technological) tools.”
  • “We are in the middle of an information revolution where we’re allowing those (technological) tools to shape us.”
  • “To really go forward we need to look at every aspect of our lives and we need to reassess everything that we do based on the future, rather than based on somebody else’s idea about how things should be done from the past.”

All of this brought me back 30 years to when I first met Tom Sine. Over and over again he would challenge me, “You’ve got to question the underlying assumptions of…”. It’s that lack of questioning those underlying assumptions that have led us to where we are today. Hammersley, in this video, is attempting to help us take our future back by asking those questions now – and making a change.

As you watched this video, what thoughts or new ideas occurred to you?