How Do You Celebrate Newness?

— Tom Sine —

Tom Sine talks about Mustard Seed VillageThis was the question we asked as we celebrated our 22nd annual Celtic prayer retreat on Camano Island, WA, August 10 and 11. We came together, as we had in the prior retreats, to hear God’s new word for our lives and our families in these uncertain times. But what was new this year was that we were celebrating and dedicating the beginning structure of our first building.

Last year we said a prayer of dedication over eight large fir logs that had been transported to the property. This year those eight large logs were standing erect in a 40 x 20′ concrete foundation. 10 feet off the ground they were connected by a series of large laminated beams.

Saturday morning Andrew Wade led us to reflect on newness as we read and meditated on Scripture about the promises of God’s new creation. Ryan Marsh, pastor of Church the Beloved, lead us in a liturgy in which we journeyed with Brendan to discover new possibilities for our lives and futures.

Children at the 2013 CRDuring this time Kendra Long had the children build and paint small boats that symbolized Brendan’s journey to new lands. The children shared songs they learned about following the God of the new creation.

In the afternoon, some 60 adults and children enjoyed lunch together and joined in the dedication of our first building in the Mustard Seed Village. All 60 of us gathered on the foundation surrounded by the large fir polls and laminated beams. Dennis Todd who’s been supervising the construction described put the completed building would look like.

Cindy Todd talks about MSVCindy Todd who has been actively connecting with sustainability projects on Camano Island shared some of the dreams for the building. Our focus for the Mustard Seed Village ,and this first gathering place, is to promote sustainable life, faith and mission for these rapidly changing times.

I shared the need for 2 to 3 carpenters to help us put the roof on our first facility plus the need for an additional $60,000 to widen the road, bringing power down the road, add a pump on the well, and create a sustainable septic system. We would welcome friends from all over the world to join us in completing this new project.

Ryan Marsh offered a moving prayer for the dedication of our first building In the Mustard Seed Village.

What are your ideas of how the Mustard Seed Village can become a center for followers of Jesus to create more sustainable forms of life, faith and mission for these challenging times?

Send us your ideas this week?