— Tom Sine —

Mark ScandretteHow can you be “free” to use your money and time on what matters most? Mark Scandrette can help you answer that question in his new book Free: Spending Your time and Money on What Matters Most. Mark is one of the most poetic and prophetic young leaders I know. And he’s just a lot of fun to hang out with as well. In his new book Free, he offers followers of Jesus one of the most helpful resources I found in recent years on how to become whole life disciples, and whole life stewards, in these challenging times.

Rich-ChristiansSome 30 years ago, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger introduced many of us to the possibility of whole life faith. Ron Sider challenged us “to live more simply that others might simply live.” According to the Empty Tomb Association, in 1968 American Christians gave 3.6% of their income to their churches and charitable giving. In 2010 that amount had decreased to 2.4% even though in the intervening decades our discretionary income dramatically increased.

Mark, and his wife Lisa, share their own personal story not only of living more simply, but also creating way of life with their kids that’s made a difference in the lives of their neighbors and those they are in community with.
This summer we had a student intern, Amanda Rachelle Geers, that read this book as a part of her time with us. She wrote:

“It is clear going through the book that some serious time was spent in examining its effectiveness, as it is filled with tools, tips, and extensive worksheets that helped ensure my success in truly making a change in my life. I finished the book not just with a new sense of hope but also with the ability and clear understanding on how to pursue that hope. At times, all of the exciting new ways of thinking about time and money can feel a bit idealistic and even overwhelming. However, the side notes from Lisa and Hailey Scandrette are a breath of fresh air that give a more vulnerable look into the required effort, hardships, and rewards of a “free” lifestyle, which puts it within reach of the reader. It also helps that the tone of the book is less of a “how-to” but more like a friend helping you along the journey of getting your life on the track you want it to take.”  (Amanda’s full review will appear next Monday)

Next Tuesday I’m looking forward to spending some time with Mark in San Francisco where he lives. We’re both going to be attending the SOCAP 13 conference. This is international conference on social entrepreneurship in which innovators are creating new ways to create businesses that do good by doing well. Next week I will post a blog in which I will share what I’ve learned from those that are finding ways to use free enterprise to improve the condition of some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

How can you be “free” to use your money and time on what matters most? Would you write me this week and tell me the creative ways that you are stewarding your time and money that is both making your life more free while making a difference in the lives of others?