Interning With MSA

— Amanda Rachelle Geers —

amanda.2A seed and a sunflower:
where first a seed was planted
in soil bare but fertile,
now the face of a sunflower
rises from that first hope
and stretches in the way of life
to reach the rays of sun, and bask
in the all-surrounding warmth;
 so angled now for all of heaven to see
the growing joy of kingdom come. 


This was the vision God gave me when I stumbled upon Mustard Seed Associates’ posting for a summer internship during my frantic job search. At the beginning of June, my thoughts were burdened with busy questions about where to go next or what to do with my life, but with that image I felt the Lord telling me: you need nourishment, you need time to simply grow. And so rather than find an extra summer job, I applied to the intern position.

My time at MSA was spent in meaningful conversations that challenged me to rethink what was driving me in life. God also gave me opportunities to enjoy giving of my gifts by helping to reorganize and clean out the office space and coordinate getting items together for the Celtic Prayer Retreat. On other days, the Lord would simply say, just be with me, and I would journey up to the prayer tower that overlooks Seattle and sit in front of the window with this amazing view and a humble cross that sits on the sill and listened to how the Lord was speaking. Every day the Lord met me here, whether it was in the people, the office, the prayer tower, or at the Celtic Retreat. It seemed like the simple act of showing up, readied my heart to expect God to speak in some way, and so rather than being burdened with anxious thoughts, I opened my ears, or rather, my mind.

And I found he most often spoke to me about community and time.

There was a rhythm to each day, and after a time of checking in and working we would come together to have lunch. I loved that there wasn’t any thought to delay lunch or to work through lunch, but rather, it was a priority to take this time to come together and replenish. There was always such care in making sure there was plenty of good, healthy, and life-giving food on the table. Having this time for lunch, really exemplified for me the importance of community, of trust in God’s timing, and of setting rhythms for your life that leave space for God to speak.

Throughout my internship, the Lord challenged me to take time to reflect, to simply be with those I love, and to trust that there is enough time in the day to get done what needs to be done. He gave me the image of a song, if you play a song in a mad rush rather than playing to the natural tempo, you wouldn’t hear the beauty of each note or the underlying melody of each instrument. With these lessons in mind, the Lord has been gradually leading me to make changes in my own life. I have stopped watching tv during dinner, and instead, simply sit and be with my husband. We’ve made it more of a priority to take a day of Sabbath, where we rest and play without discussing any serious or potentially anxiety producing topics. There is more of a life-giving rhythm to my weeks now, and every Sunday, my husband and I take time to reflect on the past week together, looking into where we grew and where we still need to grow. These small changes made me realize that I was being driven by something toxic, perhaps a lack of trust or anxiety, and as a result, was starting to pursue the wrong goals. Tom summed it up for me best when he said that life is like a vacuum, if you don’t decide to live for Christ something else will inevitably fill that drive.

So I will finish my time as an intern at Mustard Seed Associates feeling unsatisfied, in the sense that the good work God started in my heart during my time here, has yet to be completed. And this makes me glad! For as I transition from this internship to my new job working with young adults with developmental disabilities, I am so excited to see how God will continue to lead me in his wisdom, to see what more fruits will come to bear from the seed planted and gently tended, and to continue to cherish and reflect on my time here at MSA. Thank you to Tom, Christine, and Cindy for all of your encouragement and hospitality, and to all of the good folks I met at the Celtic Prayer Retreat, you too were a part of my journey and I thank you.

Blessings, Amanda Rachelle Geers

Amanda was our summer intern at MSA, helping both Tom and Christine. If you’re interested in interning with MSA, please check out the opportunities on our Intern Page.