The Roof is Up!

— Christine Sine —

Tom & Christine showing off new roofLast weekend Tom and I made another trip to the Mustard Seed Village. For the first time I had a sense of what this beautiful building will look like. The promise of the dream is more substantial than it has ever been.

Walking around the building and standing on the roof gave me an impression, for the first time, of what the completed building will look like. It is more impressive than I could have imagined.

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Sweeping off the new roofTom Sine look through hole in roofI commented to Tom that the growth of this building reflects, for me, the ongoing development of MSA.
As you know we are in transition time, shaping an organization that we hope will grow and give life to others into the future. We have solid foundations just like this developing building. This foundation is expressed in our Four Pillars and Three Goals for Mustard Seed Associates.

Four Pillars

Tom Sine Scaling the MSA Pillars

  1. Taking the future seriously…. Anticipating new opportunities and challenges that may face us, our families, our communities and the larger world in the next 5 to 10 years.
  2. Taking the culture seriously… Identifying in the dominant narratives that fill our society those notions of the good life and better future that are likely to draw us closer to God’s purposes and those that are likely to draw us further away.
  3. Taking God’s purposes for a people and a world seriously… Identifying a clearer sense of not only God’s intentions for our personal lives but also for the larger society.
  4. Taking our imaginations seriously…. Enabling those we work with to imagine and create new possibilities for their lives and their ministry to service to others that both advances God’s purposes and engages some of the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Three Goals

  1. to inspire our intended audience to imagine new ways of living and serving that more fully reflect something of God’s purposes.
  2. to connect our intended audience to those who already are imagining and creating new ways to be a difference and make a difference.
  3. to create new possibilities for our lives and communities that both reflect and advance something of God’s purposes in our rapidly changing world.

New Roof on first buildingWe can see the shape of what we expect MSA will become but the walls, and the finishing touches are not there yet. Please pray for us as we continue to build both this building and the ongoing ministry of MSA.