A New Season Has Begun

— Christine Sine —

A pole in the ground becomes the focus for prayer - new beginnings for our pole barnThe year is coming to a close and here at MSA we are already aware of new things in the air, a new season of blossom and fruitfulness as we prepare for the year ahead. This has been a year for laying strong foundations and putting stakes in the ground.

MSA aspires to become a centre for imagination and creativity, a place where people can gather to dream new dreams of God’s eternal world and to develop new practices for their lives and faith that flow out of these dreams.

In many ways this is nothing new. Forrest Inslee commented recently “MSA is already a centre for imagination committed to the value “this is not the way God intends it to be.” Our own imaginations have been inspired to create innovative spiritual practices, new models for sustainable lifestyles, and new forms of advocacy. As a result we have expanded the ministry of MSA to include book publishing, seminars on spirituality and gardening, and spiritual retreats. We seek to model lifestyles of simplicity, sustainability and spirituality.

We have also stirred the imaginations of people like Brian McLaren, who says we gave him permission to see the gospel in a fresh, new, life-changing and world-changing light. We have helped shape organizations like the Parish Collective whose founder, Paul Sparks, describes us as pioneers leading the church toward imaginative new forms of faith expression. And we have helped ignite the divine spark for Cindy Todd and encourage the development of Snohomish Soap Company.

Coming Home in Advent 2013This week Godspace took on a new image, just in time to host our upcoming Advent series, Coming Home: Uncovering Your Roots in the Advent Story, which will be launched 1 am December 1st New Zealand Standard Time, with our first podcast hosted by myself and Ryan Marsh. We believe these changes will enable us to more fully develop the website into the inspirational spiritual resource centre God intends it to be.

sm.prayer.cardsSimultaneously we have published our first set of prayer cards. These beautiful cards draw from the most popular of our daily Facebook prayers. Their background photos invite us into contemplative moments that can enrich our days and deepen our faith.

Tom's BeamsAt the Mustard Seed Village the pole barn continues to take shape too. It now has a roof and the beautiful shape of what is to come is obvious. It is here that the MSA Center for Imagination and Creativity will be housed. I commented to Tom that this building reflects what is happening in MSA as a whole. We have a substantial foundation and the shape of what we are becoming is now obvious, but the walls still need to be built.

Will you help MSA become all that God intends it to be?

Your year end gift will enable us:

  • to develop new resources that can inspire and equip Christian leaders into the future,
  • to complete the first building of what will become the MSA Center for Imagination and Creativity.

Would you consider:

  1.  A monthly gift of $10, $20, $50 or $100 for the next 12 months to help us develop new resources and complete the Mustard Seed Village classroom?
  2. An end-of-year gift of $100, $250, $500 or $1,000 to help us grow the mustard seeds that make a difference in God’s world?

Thank you for being a part of the Mustard Seed team. May God bless you as we enter this festive season and prepare to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Christine Sine
Executive Director MSA